Chairman’s Message

Business Transformation Driven by “Two Engines”

In 2007, online lending platforms first appeared in the mainland of China, kicking off the rapid development of internet financing.  China’s rapid economic growth resulted in a huge gap in supply and demand for credit and financial services.  As an important part of creating an inclusive financial system, online lending industry grew rapidly, as a response to address the previously underserved small businesses and investors. Rapid integration, technological improvements, and sophisticated mobile payment system on the internet provided a rich environment for the rise and prosperity of the online lending industry.

Looking to diversify our business and exploring new markets, in order to improve profitability, we acquired 60% of the equity interest of Hunan Ruixi Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. in the fourth quarter of 2018. Through this acquisition, we entered the automobile transaction and financing services and leasing industry. Combined with our existing online lending services, we have successfully transformed into a diversified “Two Engine” Fintech business model.

Creating Fintech Advantages

Technology has become the foundation of the online lending industry. Our focus on innovation driving by science and technology enhanced our ability for risk management and optimal user experiences. We are committed to provide institution and individuals with a comprehensive range of financial services and products. After listing on Nasdaq in March 2018, we have invested heavily in software and hardware improvement. It is very critical for our risk control system and user protection system.

Compliant Business Operation and Sustainable Long-Term Development

Compliance with governmental regulations, abiding business ethics and respect of market rules are the core values of our operation and management. We will continue to hold such values and will hold its sub-companies accountable to the same high standards. We will always be compliant, prudent, open and transparent in the industry and will continuously build deep trust from the regulatory authorities, business partner and customers.

Great success is a result of long-term sustainable growth. Investing in Research and Development is our priority to maintain our competitive advantages in Fintech industry. In terms of talent, we believe that by helping employees to reach its full potential will help the company to create much more values to our users, investors and society. Responsible, hard-working and diligent employees will be highly valued and rewarded in our working environment.

Corporate Governance

As a US listed company, we will continuously hold our management for highest standard of corporate compliances. We are committed for transparency and timeliness for all financial, legal and operation disclosures. We will provide continuous training for its management team and hold the board of directors accountable for its corresponding responsibilities.

Social responsibility

Public companies in China are often role models for its business operation and economic booster in its regions. We will continue to help build stronger local economy, be a strong influencer in economic transformation and actively participate in public welfares and events.

We, Senmiao Technology, will continuously grow to be a diversified and licensed well-around financial service provider in China to help our customers, investors and employees to achieve prosperities.